Choose Sustainable Lighting with LED Signs and Light Boxes

November 12th, 2018
Illuminated Signs

Light boxes are a great advertising solution for illuminating marketing materials.

While they’ve been around for a long time, we have noticed the market is shifting rapidly towards sustainable and environmentally-friendly lighting options. In particular, we’ve noticed a shift away from fluorescent tube light boxes in favor towards LEDs.

It’s not hard to love LED lights – they last longer than traditional fluoro-tube lights and are the environmental choice.

LED lights in light boxes are also more durable and have cooler operating temperatures than normal lighting. Light bulbs that heat up are energy wasters – more of their energy is outputted as heat. In the case of fluorescent lights, up to 30% of their energy is wasted as heat. In contrast, LEDs generate only a fraction of that heat. LEDs are also more rugged than most traditional lighting.

Establishments using LED-lit light boxes also stand to save more money than those who are using normal fluoro-lit light boxes because of their energy-efficient quality. By using LED bulbs you will expect to see a drastic energy saving.

If you’re looking to remove fluoro tubes from light boxes and replace them with sustainable LEDs, contact the sign specialists at Sign Foundry today. The team is committed to making the industry more sustainable with the use of LED bulbs in their custom LED signs and light box advertising range. You can check out some of our illuminated projects over here:


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