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Just a few products & services we do on the regular...

Let’s get down to business…

At Sign Foundry we are signage mad (live and breathe* signage) and are known within the industry as true experts.
We have an artillery of tools and ideas which produce award-winning** work and at the end of the day – we achieve results!

Our experienced 20+ team ‘do it right the first time’ work ethic sets us apart.
We have the capability of providing an end-to-end service and cover everything in between.

Our expertise is to take the stress out of the equation and make your job as easy as possible.

* We don’t actually breathe signage, we rely on Oxygen just like you do…
** We have picked up a handful of NZSDA awards back to back (it’s like the Master Builders of the Signage world) – something we are proud of.


Our products are all bespoke to your needs and fit for purpose...

  • Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

    Full & part wraps
    Fleet imaging
    Truck graphics
    Emergency fleet experts

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  • Interior Fitout

    Health and Safety
    Wall murals
    Entrance signage

  • Exterior Building Signage

    Skyline lettering
    Building Signage

  • LED & Illuminated Signage

    Channel lettering
    Digital displays
    LED & Neon

  • Digital Display and Screens

    Outdoor Digital Displays
    Interior Digital Displays
    Billboard Screens

  • Billboards

    Frame construction
    Billboard Printing
    Billboard Installation
    Billboard Removal

  • 3D Lettering

    Building lettering
    Reception signage
    3D Acrylics

  • Wayfinding Signage

    Wayfinding Consultation
    Location Planning & Mapping
    Wayfinding manufacture
    Wayfinding installation


What we are known for...Also managed to pick up a few awards in the process.

  • Project Management

    Job Management
    Health and Safety Planning
    Local Government Permits
    Quality Control

  • Manufacture

    Solvent and Latex Printing
    CNC & Laser cutting
    PPG Spraypainting
    Welding (Metal and Plastic)

  • Installation & Subcontract

    Vinyl application
    Building construction
    Subcontract Installation
    After hours Installation

  • Design

    Concept & Visuals
    Colour matching
    Brand Guidelines
    3D rending & Printing

Can’t find what you are looking for? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

The scope of delivery we do for our clients is vast. Going way beyond manufacture and installation of our award-winning work, we have the capacity and talent to do everything from producing signage guidelines, dealing with structural engineers, local councils, road and rail closure to strategy and placement reporting. Contact us today to find out more!