Terms of Engagement

To ensure a seamless collaboration


Updated: March 2024.

Thank you for giving Sign Foundry the chance to work with you. It’s crucial that we establish some basic guidelines for our professional relationship to ensure a seamless collaboration. Unless we agree otherwise, these terms of engagement will be binding for our work together.

Please note that these terms will not only apply to our current project but also to any future ones we may undertake together. We occasionally update these terms to reflect our changing practices, and when we do, you can find the latest version below.

Terms of Engagement


We will provide you with the services that were outlined in our proposal email, project brief, or document, as well as any further instructions you give us. Our responsibility is to you alone and not to any other person. We do not accept any responsibility or liability to any third parties who may be affected by our performance of the services unless we have agreed to this in writing beforehand.


We will require your contact details, including your email address, phone number, and postal address. We may send you documents or other correspondence through email or electronic means. If any of your contact information changes, please inform us. By agreeing, you allow us to send you relevant information such as newsletters and bulletins. However, if you do not want to receive any of these, you can unsubscribe anytime.

Payment Information

We strive to provide you with a fixed quote for our services whenever possible. However, in some cases, the scope of work may vary, which could result in additional costs. In such cases, we will inform you before proceeding. If we cannot give a fixed quote, we will provide an estimate and explain why.

Our price is based on all areas proposed for signage that are clear and accessible. It excludes any unforeseen or site delays or return trips due to weather. All goods remain the property of Sign Foundry until paid for in full.


Unless arranged otherwise, we require a 50% deposit when placing an order. As most of our sales involve bespoke work, we cannot start manufacturing something unique until we have received this deposit. If your job is urgent, please pay this deposit quickly.

Progress payments may be required where work is completed over an extended period. After work has been on hand for one month or more, a progress payment of the work completed may be requested.

It is important that you feel comfortable that you have received everything you asked for. We take pride in our reputation and will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction with our work.

Late Payments

If our invoices are not paid by the due date, we may charge interest at 15% annually. You will be liable for all debt collection and legal costs, together with interest, we incur in seeking payment of our invoice.


We will not disclose any confidential information we obtain in performing services to any other person. Both parties agree to keep any information obtained during this engagement confidential, which is treated and marked by the other party as confidential. Our confidential information includes methodologies, tools, templates, and exercises for delivering this engagement.

Any Intellectual Property owned by a party before the commencement of the engagement shall remain that owner’s property. Sign Foundry reserves the right to new Intellectual Property created during this engagement.

Media and Marketing

We take pride in our work and are excited to share it with the world. By accepting our terms of engagement, you authorise Sign Foundry to take photographs, make visual recordings and facilitate media requests for project and promotional purposes. We reserve the right to use photos, video recordings, testimonials, comments, and quotes, within reasonable limitations, as marketing or sales tools unless otherwise requested.

Indemnity and Liability

We indemnify each other to the fullest extent permitted by law against all expenses, damages, losses, and costs incurred or awarded by or against the other party because of any negligent act or omission. You are fully responsible for reviewing and approving the content and form of the deliverables of our engagement. Our total liability is limited to the amount of the fees paid.


Either party may terminate the engagement at any time.


Please let us know immediately if you have any concerns or complaints about our services. We will respond to your concern as soon as possible and always endeavour to resolve the matter fairly to all parties. You can raise your concerns directly with your contact, or to escalate any issue to management, you can contact complaints@signfoundry.co.nz or call 04 212 4760.

Responsibility and Accountability

While we strive to adapt to changes and unforeseen circumstances, it is important to note that we cannot be held responsible for delays or alterations in the project outcome resulting from changes to the scope of work after the agreed sign-off, weather conditions that affect project timelines or execution, or delays caused by factors beyond our control.

Our commitment is to work collaboratively with you to manage any challenges that arise, keeping your project on track to the best of our ability.

If you’ve got any questions concerning these Terms of Engagement, we’re always more than happy to answer them. We look forward to working with you.

Terms of Engagement
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