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Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signage is all signage with directional information that people use to navigate spaces or environments, such as exit signs and directions to the nearest restrooms. Without effective wayfinding systems, navigating offices, large retail spaces, hospitals, schools, and other businesses would be confusing and downright difficult. This is why Sign Foundry offers first-class wayfinding signage design to connect your customers to the products or services they’re searching for.

Designing effective wayfinding is a craft in itself, and one that Sign Foundry has spent years perfecting. Effective wayfinding signage needs to be easy to find and immediately helpful. It makes your customers feel supported and allows them to make decisions more easily. Our signage combines eye-catching colour, mapping, symbols and concise text to maximise ease of use for all your customers. We have all the equipment necessary to manufacture whatever kind of wayfinding best fits your business environment.

Great wayfinding leads to a greater customer experience, and creates a secure and safe environemtn. Show your customers the way with New Zealand’s leading wayfinding systems from Sign Foundry and see a boost in customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

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Top quality wayfinding signage design

Whatever your wayfinding needs, Sign Foundry is here to guide your through every step of the wayfinding signage design process.

  • Wayfinding consultation

    We meet with you to determine what you want to gain from our wayfinding signage, taking into consideration any existing wayfinding you may have and the navigation issues your customers are currently struggling with.

  • Location planning and mapping

    We visit your location to optimise our wayfinding signage design, mapping your space and developing a strategy for the perfect wayfinding setup.

  • Wayfinding manufacture

    We produce lasting, professional-quality wayfinding systems that adhere to your branding guidelines and style, with helpful information and clear navigation instructions.

  • Wayfinding installation

    Sign Foundry provide our own wayfinding installation services. We understand that the placement of your wayfinding signage is as important as its contents.