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Digital Displays and Screens

Digital signage displays serve many purposes. From interior ad players to outdoor digital displays, billboards to tradeshow screens, Sign Foundry can create the perfect digital display screen to empower your business and boost your visibility.

Our high-impact digital signage displays are easy to use and guaranteed to attract attention. Displaying videos, photographs, animation or basic text signage on large format displays is a new and exciting way for you to communicate with your customers. Whatever the size, environment, or purpose, we’ll craft the perfect option.

Our signage team will work with you from beginning to end to create bespoke digital signage displays, specially tailored to your individual business needs. Not only that, we work with some of the finest indoor and outdoor LED manufacturers in New Zealand to provide award-winning installation and service for 24/7 commercial digital displays.

With Sign Foundry, you’ll know that your digital display screen comes complete with ongoing support from New Zealand’s finest commercial signage providers. Our offices in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington are ready to take your business to the next level. No business is too big or too small for the latest in cutting-edge signage solutions.

  • Digital signage displays for your business

    Display anything you need for your business, from promotions, advertisements, wayfinding, and other helpful information using Sign Foundry’s digital screens.

  • Outdoor Digital Displays

    Sign Foundry’s weatherproofed digital signage displays are great for outdoor displays that stand out day and night.

  • Interior Digital Displays

    Our digital display screens are the perfect choice for businesses seeking a dynamic solution to improve visibility and boost sales, including corporate offices, doctors, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, and much more!

  • Billboard screens

    Create illuminated billboards that move and update in real time. A digital display billboard from Sign Foundry leaves conventional billboards in the dust.

  • Software

    Our LED display solutions are easy to use and come with all requisite software and expert installation.
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