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Sign Foundry offers versatile sign manufacturing solutions to help you build and maintain your brand. Our leading signage design and manufacturing solutions make us your one-stop shop for any project. We can help you through each phase of the sign manufacturing process to ensure that every detail is of the highest possible quality. Discover our full range of leading sign manufacturing services to help you stand out from the crowd!

Here at Sign Foundry, our years of experience and latest signage technologies ensures that your sign manufacturing project is in safe hands. Just let us know your vision and specific requirements, and we’ll manufacture the best possible sign to suit your needs.

  • Sign design

    With over 100+ combined years of signage experience making all types, we’ve got what it takes to easily manufacture any sign you require.

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  • Painting

    We use PPG brand paint systems to add automotive quality finishes to all our painted products. We use the latest computerised paint mixing systems to provide accurate colour mixing. All our painting is done in a 9m gas-fired paint spray booth.

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  • Engineering

    Sign Foundry offers CAD & CAM engineering design services to ensure that your large sign structure can withstand the requirements of your project.

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  • Welding

    We’re capable of all types of metal and plastic welding and fabrication, so no sign manufacturing project is too difficult!

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  • Routering

    Our CNC Router machines give us the capability to quickly process full size sheets for larger signs.

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  • Drape forming

    At Sign Foundry, we boast high-quality acrylic heating ovens which can handle sheets of up to 2400 x 1200mm.

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  • Acrylic folding

    We have the latest Shannon double-sided strip folder, so we can work with full-size sheets of various thicknesses up to 3000mm long.

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  • Steel folding

    Out 1180 ton CNC Press Brake with 2.7m throat allows us to meet the sheet metal and folding requirements for any sign manufacturing project.

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