Pacific Radiology – NZ & Australia

Pacific Radiology is New Zealand’s largest non-government medical organisation, employing over 850 staff across almost 50 sites, and they are growing. We have been very fortunate to have worked with Pacific Radiology on multiple projects over the years (since the birth of Sign Foundry). We understand their business and how they operate.

When it came to joining the six businesses together to form the Pacific Radiology group, Sign Foundry teamed up with Designworks (New Zealand’s leading design agency) to offer expert advice on the signage elements, including the practicality, user flow, and material use. Later, we manufactured and installed the signage elements for all sites across New Zealand and Australia.

We are very proud of Pacific Radiology’s new brand and take pride in our part of transforming spaces, creating an experience, and our high quality work. When it comes to re-branding any business, it’s a great chance to take fresh approach and see things from the customers point of view. It is important to align yourself with experts from the start and create a list of objectives, timelines, and a budget. If we can help with your next project, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.


  • Re-branded 44 sites across 3 islands and 2 countries re-branded
  • Largest fascia 70.0M x 1.7M high (PPG painted, folded ACM, illuminated)
  • 450+ meters of 3M Fasara™
  • Enough paint to cover a 747 plane (thats alot of paint!)
  • 1500km+ worth of ali
  • 5000+ man hours
  • 1000+ square meters worth of ACM sheeting
  • Gold Medal winner – NZSDA awards 2017

We’d used Sign Foundry previously, refreshing smaller branches, but a total network re-brand, 44 sites, was something entirely different. For us, and Sign Foundry, this was a big deal. The Sign Foundry team inserted themselves between our design consultants and us. That was a good place for them to be, speeding up final designs, and being ready to manufacture and install finished signs… The end product – an award-winning re-brand of New Zealand’s largest private medical provider.

Teresa Grace – Communications Manager

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