City Fitness Wigram

The challenge – Brand a building without penetrating the cladding (no fixings). The solution – wrap the panels in a premium cast vinyl. Just over 1266 lineal meters to be precise.

With a brand new build underway, we worked along side the client and building owner to come up with branding solutions that did not penetrate the cladding in any way (very strict orders). Out went the idea of illuminated signage and focus back on how we can create the biggest impact!

The building was clad in a insulated panel system which we ended up wrapping with Avery Premium cast vinyl. A mixture of both digital and pre-colored films were used. Each section was carefully cleaned and prep’d working along side Avery to ensure we met all warranty conditions. The cladding was corrugated which required squeegeed between each section and done in large drops to limit joins or patches.

We applied the film to three returns of the building, used over 175 sqm of digital print and over 1266LM of pre coloured film. Careful planning and timing was required as film stock in NZ was limited and deadline for open day looming. Weather played a massive part of the project. The finish product looks fantastic and something we are really proud of, along with a very happy client.

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