Queensgate – exterior signage

Queensgate came to us with multiple concepts for the new signage to go up at Bloomfield Tce entrance. We worked alongside them Naylor Love and RCP to not only achieve this result within the short time frame but also take away the hassle of Health and Safety aspects involved with the whole process of manufacturing and installing the huge new exterior signage. Almost every form of lift equipment was used at some stage in this job including long reach Hiabs, dozens of scissor lifts, cherry pickers and meters on end of scaffolding.

We began this project by fabricating the halo letter Q. Being over 3 meters it was made in two pieces to allow for transport and then joined into one before installation. The faces are 4mm Aluminium sheets and the returns are 3mm Ali. The letter contains multiple internal braces to strengthen the mounting. Angled rails are used to mount the Q to the building. RGB LED’s are used so that the exact colour can be matched for the halo glow and an opal backing panel added. Approx. weight 225kgs.

The Queensgate Shopping Centre lettering is also Halo glow and overall measures 6.3x3m. Each letter is 100mm deep aluminium painted a satin white on the face and sides. The backing panels are 6mm opal which is used to defuse the light and give the halo glow from white LED’s . The sign is fitted to the wall with threaded rod and painted tube spacers to give a stand off effect.

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