Community Giving

We love to give back to the local community

We get a stack of requests for support from different groups and organisations within the community.
So that we could share the love and lend a hand, we created ‘Feel Good’ which is our community donation program.
Every month, we donate $500 back into their local community – as chosen by you.

This months charities are:

  • Safe for Animals

  • Canteen

  • KidsCan

How it works

Every Month we support 3 local community groups

When you receive an invoice, you will see a link asking for your vote on the groups that are up for donation that month.

Click the link and answer a couple questions. Use your vote to support your group.

At the end of the month we split the $500. The group with the most tokens receives $300 and the other two groups receive $100 each. Everybody gets something.

The rules

  1. Only groups can apply (no individual or personal projects sorry.)
  2. Your group must have local representation and provide direct support in the neighbourhood around Sign Foundry. We like to keep it local.
  3. Groups can participate once every 12 months so we can share the love around.
  4. If your group sounds a little dodgy, or not very ‘community-minded’, you won’t get through. No offense. The final decision rests with our community-conscious Sign Foundry Judges.

Have a Charity or Group you would like us to support?

Apply now