Covid-19 Installation, Drop-off and Pick-up

September 1st, 2021
Behind the scenes

Wellington and Christchurch offices are now back open! We have completely cleaned and disinfected the Foundry and adapted new processes to follow. This is for the safety of our clients, staff, and community at large. We want to do our part.

Pick-up and drop off

We will continue to offer contactless pick-up and drop-off service for your convenience during the pandemic. You will find instructions to follow upon the front doors of the building if you are picking up signage, otherwise discuss this with your account manager at the time.

Vehicle disinfection

All vehicles will be disinfected before and after. Touchpoints such as the vehicle keys and fob, steering wheel, inside and outside door handles, gear shifter, and turn signal switch will be disinfected.


We will continue to provide installation service by following all rules and regulations. Sign Foundry will be following social distancing protocols along with wearing PPE as required. We do have to limit our travel and there are restrictions on what we can do.

It is our preference to process all payments electronically. We are asking that you do everything in your power to pay electronically. Upon completion of the work, you will receive a email with payment details, otherwise we can accept credit card payment over the phone.

Thank you all for your patience during this time!

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