Fun activities to do with your kids.

March 30th, 2020

So if your household is much like ours, you’ll know how quickly you run out of “entertain at home” ideas while we are all in lock down. We thought we would put together a list of a few activities we like to do for some inspiration.

Masking Tape Speedway. Make a masking tape track on your floor. This way you can keep it there for multiple days without it being in the way.

-Make play dough (the easy way)

-Bake something together (would certainly recommend these afghans)

-Play board games

-Make a Kahoot (Your own multi choice quiz or play others)

-Watch a classic movie (Top 100 kids/family movies here)

-Learn a different countries flag every day (can do a quiz with Kahoot)

-Read a book as a family (Good for some chill time)

-Draw outside with chalk (hopscotch etc)

-Do a scavenger hunt in the backyard 

-Use a sheet or blanket and make a fort (get some inspiration over here)

-Make paper planes and race them

-Create your own or find a fun family work out online (these are great!)

-Make a time capsule 

-Look through old photos and artwork

-Make origami shapes and animals

-Fill up a big container with warm soapy water and get your kids to wash their toys. Okay so this one just helps clean all those germs.

-Collect leaves and other items from your section and make leaf rubbings

-Create your own colouring in pictures and then give them to someone else in your house to colour

-Play I spy 

-Make an obstacle course either inside or out. Get creative about ways of completing it. EG, balancing an object, make it a stop go game by playing “red light, green light”, speed challenge.

-Go for a walk around the neighbourhood (just keep your distance from other people) but this is a great way to feel less “trapped” at home. 

-Do some simple science experiments with house hold items 

-Make “gloop” with cornflour, water and food colouring.

-Find some old magazines to cut up and make a collage with 

-Make animals out of recycling (paper towel rolls, boxes etc) 

-Wash the car/s 

-Play dress ups/let your kids choose your outfit. (It’s ok we can’t go anywhere for people to see)

-Wash your pets (they will love you for it afterwards…maybe not at the time).

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