Health & Safety Signage: Behind the Scenes

March 11th, 2020
Behind the scenes

Health & safety is a big deal at any workplace, and Sign Foundry is no different. From store front displays to event signage, we approach every project with a keen eye for hazard avoidance and wellness, identifying risks and developing construction and material handling processes that will keep our workers, clients, and pedestrians safe.

Signage manufacture and installation involves its share of heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and precarious working environments, so health & safety is not something we take lightly. Below, we peel back the curtain on Sign Foundry’s industry leading health & safety practices.

Why Sign Foundry values health & safety

At Sign Foundry, we work regularly with businesses that consider health & safety their highest priority. All our team members are Site Safe registered and trained to meet a high standard of health & safety knowledge and proficiency.

While we have our own health and safety guidelines within our workshops, we are often working on projects at our clients’ places of business. When we are on premises at one of these business locations, our signage experts are tasked with abiding by not just our own health & safety guidelines but theirs as well. Our staff are all site safe registered and trained to meet a high standard of health & safety knowledge and proficiency.

Understanding, respecting, and meeting our clients’ health & safety guidelines is a huge part our reputation as a considerate and trustworthy business. However, with so many guidelines to learn and abide by every time we begin a new on-site project, our team relies on a set of tools to ensure our practices are documented and supported, and our compliance reported. By delivering on our health & safety mission, we send our workers home safe every day and deliver a higher value product to our clients, with fewer expenses incurred and less time lost.

How does Sign Foundry monitor health & safety?

We use Site App Pro  to manage and record our health & safety tasks. Site App Pro offers a wide range of range of supporting tools and resources, empowering Sign Foundry to minimise the risk of work site accidents. These tools and resources include:

  1. Comprehensive reporting tools
  2. Custom forms with hazard & control measures
  3. Data storage encryption
  4. Photo & video capture

Sign Foundry’s approach to health & safety extends far beyond a mobile app, however. From day one, we set out to prove to our clients that we take health & safety extremely seriously. We believe businesses want to know they’re not inviting a potential hazard or accident risk onto their premise when they hire a company for their custom signs. That’s why we make health & safety an integral part of our initial consultation with clients.

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As you can see, we are about more than just quality signage. We also believe in transparent, personable service and hold ourselves to the highest health & safety standards. That’s why our clients come back for their future signage needs and rest easy knowing their project will be delivered without incident. Contact Sign Foundry today to get started on your next signage project!

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