Smiths Flagship Store – Colombo Mall

Founded in Christchurch by Henry Cooper Smith. Smiths City Group Limited is a Christchurch based holding company active in retail and consumer finance. With 23 Smith City stores across New Zealand, Colombo Mall in Christchurch is the new flagship store featuring the new brand. Smiths.

We worked directly with Smith City to complete the internal signage fitout. The scope ranged from wayfinding to the individual suppliers signage (Sleepyhead, Lazyboy etc)

The concepts and site visit took place in late October, this gave us less than a month to undertake the whole project (grand opening Labour weekend). Once the final design was signed off, we had under two weeks to complete the full scope (manufacture and install).

Smith City worked with BrandAid to come up with the new branding (which we love – nice work). Sign Foundry was required to specify the materials and fixing methods along with put forward recommended sizing and placement. Oh, can’t forget manufacture and install the whole lot!

We completed the project within the deadline, all ready for the launch. This was due to good time management and utilising the team who went above and beyond.

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