Tuatara in transit

Tuatara Breweries never do anything by halves. “Lets us go all out and create something worth talking about’ was the approach… that we did. A full digital print wrap was put together after countless tweaking and changing (masterful work thanks to Anton Hart). With over 35square meters of print, we wasted no time getting the colouring perfect and printed. The vinyl of choice is 3M Ij180 with matching gloss laminate. Picking the correct vinyl for vehicle graphics is very important, we know this wrap will look fantastic in the years to come.

Sitting at over 5.5meters long by 2.4meters high it was going to be a task cleaning the van to a faultless finish. The preparation is a major part in the wrapping process and one we take very seriously. With the body cleaned, we got to applying the graphics. With the body panels transformed we got started on wrapping the roof, something often missed with common truck wraps.

The finish product looks amazing and stands out in a crowd.

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