University of Canterbury Engineering – Land Speed Vehicle

We’re mixing speed with heritage by partnering up with University of Canterbury Engineering students, who built this 7.5-meter rocket-shaped EV that is set to break the world speed record. We added a pop of style to their sleek creation through a sharp red, black, and gold livery fitted with a subtle portrait of Burt, the legendary racer. We also added the number 35 – the digits that helped Burt set a record of 184 mph back in 1967 while racing his Indian Scout Streamliner at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats. While giving Burt’s legacy a modern twist, we had the Munro family’s approval on this take, all in the hope of flaunting New Zealand’s pride on a global scale.

The base colour is 3M gloss dragon fire red vinyl applied to the clear-coated carbon shell. Translucent images, sponsors and signatures were digitally printed on a black background and applied over the top. This method was the most weight-saving option, which was taken into account for this project.

This collaboration stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation and heritage, propelling the boundaries of speed while honoring a storied legacy.

We won a Gold Medal in the NZSDA Awards for this work.

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