Press Release – Sign Foundry Joins ASGA

February 25th, 2019
Behind the scenes

Sign Foundry Joins Australian Sign & Graphics Association Expanding its Reach

Sign Foundry, known for its top-notch vehicle signage, billboards, and digital display screens, has announced its newest affiliation with Australian Sign & Graphics Association (AGSA). This effort solidifies Sign Foundry’s presence in the market under a trusted association, and enables the full-service signage provider to extend its market reach.

The Australian Sign & Graphics Associations (AGSA) is the leading body representing sign makers, sign installers, sign writers, graphic designers, and sign educators. It also includes apprentices who use sign making equipment such as digital printing machines, engraving, laser and routing equipment, LEDs, and neon products. The reputable association was formed in order to further the professional industry, and aims to be known as a useful resource identity that provides ongoing education and training for its broad range of members.

AGSA has industry ties to Visual Connections, and to New Zealand Sign & Display Association (NZSDA) as well as a number of other industry affiliates.

With Sign Foundry’s capabilities to embrace new technology, and with a team of experienced and reliable people working within the industry, it comes as no surprise that the company has attained a number of NZSDA awards back to back.

This move also supports Sign Foundry’s drive toward a customer-centric approach which enables Sign Foundry to improve their customer service, provide more quality products, and deliver above and beyond in the signage and visual world.“While our name speaks functionally, what we are really passionate about is storytelling, creating spaces that engage audiences and generally making things look awesome!”

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