The Costs of Quality Car Wrapping

December 17th, 2019

If you’ve ever looked into getting your car wrapped, you would have asked yourself the question—how much does it cost to wrap a car? Along the way, you may have realised that quality vehicle signage seldom comes cheap, or that cheap jobs don’t provide the results that people want.

The reality is that vehicle wrap prices reflect both the costs of the wrapping materials used (major difference between good and bad films) and the difficulty in completing them effectively. When it comes right down to it, price reflects the car wrap quality and you get what you pay for.

If you’re curious about the nitty-gritty details of car wrap costs, continue reading to see exactly what you get for your money.

Quality materials that preserve your vehicle

When it comes to car wrap quality, material is the most important factor to consider. One of the key benefits of vehicle wraps that makes them so practical is that your wrap can be safely removed without damaging the paint—and overall resale value—of your vehicle (if applied to OEM paint). This is only achieved thanks to high-quality, innovative materials that manage to remain weather resistant and adhere to your vehicle’s surface without lifting or pealing back.

As a certified 3M partner and Avery technical user, Sign Foundry uses only the highest quality vinyl, ensuring that your vehicle can be wrapped again and again, with no damage to its paint.

Car wrap warranties & supplier insurance

The full car wrap costs cover warranties directly from the car wrapper as well as the material supplier.

It’s best to discuss any wrapping concerns with your wrapper when you receive a quote, such as colour fading and adhesive lifespans, so you get a clear picture of how long your car wrap will last. Additionally, ensure that the wrapping team is insured to drive, store, and work on your car.

Vehicle wraps take time and precision

Vehicle wraps require precision, tact, and time from skilled and experienced professionals who are certified to use specific car wrapping materials. These specialists must understand the behaviour of the materials they work with and how to navigate every contour of a vehicle. What most people don’t know is that vinyl wraps are manually applied, with every curve, edge, corner, bump, and dip on a vehicle’s surface requiring exacting detail. A single error and an entire panel of your vehicle wrap could need to be redone.

A team of two to three wrapping specialists could require several days to a week to wash, trim, and then complete a supreme-quality wrapping job for one vehicle. Here at Sign Foundry, we only provide the best results because we take the time to do it right and work with extremely high expectations. When it comes to getting your car wrapped, never settle for anything less.

The best vehicle wraps at a great price

At Sign Foundry, we deliver the most for your car wrap cost NZ has to offer. As certified 3M Partners, our team of talented signage professionals deliver the finest vehicle wrap outcomes at competitive prices. Our vehicle wrapping and detailing can breathe new life on your vehicle, without the irreversible commitment of a new paint job. View Our Work to get a glimpse of our capabilities, or get in touch with the Sign Foundry team today to see what our vehicle wrap specialists can do for you!

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