Seven Pro Tips to Protect Your Vehicle Wraps

August 1st, 2019
Vehicle Signage

Your vehicle wrap is a statement of who you are as a brand. A vehicle wrap is one of the easiest branding strategies because it’s there wherever your fleet goes – endless advertising, even when you park! Your vehicle wrap is an extension of who you are, so naturally, you’d want it to look as clean and as presentable as possible, in order to maximise your ROI.

When you decide on a vehicle wrap, you’re in it for the long run. When properly taken care of, vehicle wraps can last a solid five to seven years. It’s not enough to hire a professional and get the vehicle wrapping magic done, it takes proper maintenance for it to stay looking that way.

Practice Regular Cleaning

A very straightforward and evident tip, “regular” cleaning can mean many things to many people. Regular may mean cleaning them once every two months. You’d be surprised how many vehicle wraps are not being taken care of – and it’s apparent. Ideal regular cleaning is washing once a week, or even more when exposed to excessive use.

Park Under Shaded Areas

Prolonged sun exposure is one major cause of vehicle wrap damage. When you have to park your car outside for prolonged periods, the ideal spot is a nicely shaded shelter for your vehicle. You can also invest in a canopy, or use non-petroleum wax as a protectant; this will add shielding from UV exposure, and remove particulates that can shorten your wrap’s lifespan.

Remove Stains

Stains, wherever they may fall, will always be a challenge to remove. Remove stains caused by dirt, birds, and paint as quickly as possible. Letting them sit increases the difficulty of removing them later. If you do try to remove them after some time has passed, you’ll risk damaging your wrap.

Avoid Pressure Washing

There’s nothing wrong with pressure washing, but when it comes to maintaining your vehicle wraps, it may not be the best option. If it’s your only option, there are specific instructions you need to follow when you pressure wash; keep the washer below 2,000 psi, use a wide-angle spray pattern nozzle, use a water temperature that’s neither too hot nor too cold, and spray from at least two metres away.

If you’re cleaning it once or more in a week, hand washing is still the best. You know your vehicle best, so it’s safer and more thorough when you do it yourself.

Wipe off Oil & Fuel Spills

Oil and fuel spills must be cleaned as quickly as possible through hand washing – just like stains, oil or fuel splashes won’t look nice on your vehicle wrap. You can easily remove oil with warm soapy water, or isopropyl alcohol diluted with water.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

When you buy cleaning products, make sure they’re really designed for vehicles, and are safe to use for wraps. Ensure they don’t have harmful chemicals that can cause your wraps to wrinkle or peel. An extra tip is to use microfiber cloths to dry recently cleaned areas, as it won’t scratch your car’s exterior.

Safeguard Vehicle in Your Garage

If you have the luxury of parking your vehicle in your garage when not in use, do it! You can’t control the weather, so it’s safer to have it inside the garage when it rains, or when temperatures dramatically drop. Plus, people won’t have a chance to accidentally scratch your vehicle wraps if it’s securely parked in your garage.

That’s a Wrap!

A professionally installed piece of vehicle signage is a great way to make your cars look awesome and on brand! You just have to remember to maintain it, and save yourself time and money for costly replacements. At Sign Foundry, we can transform your vehicle wrap vision into a reality. We specialise in manufacturing and installing full and part vehicle wraps. Contact us today to find out more!

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