The move…483

December 13th, 2019
Behind the scenes

You may have noticed that we didn’t post a lot about our move to 483 Hutt Road (Wellington). We had great ambition to document the whole process, but the lead up and actual move process went by like a massive blur!

Designing the ultimate sign shop with practicality and efficiency in mind took some serious hours. Countless late nights/weekends along with blood, sweat and tears (well, maybe not so much tears) we have now created what is the perfect balance for us. A massive THANK YOU to the team for their help transforming the place!

The production flow is great and the project is at 90% complete. We are down to the last 10% which is making everything look the part!

We currently have a sign shop with limited signage of our own. Our efforts have been so focused on everyone else’s projects that our own work has been on the back burner. Bring on the Christmas/New Year break. We are looking forward to putting in some hours over this time to finish off 483 and putting some life into the party.

Speaking of parties, it’s been a running joke about when we are having our launch/opening party. We are going to have to make it a 2020 thing, but we will make sure it was worth the wait.

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