Why Signage is Essential for Start-ups and New Businesses

March 8th, 2019
Behind the scenes

Listen, in this world of constantly evolving technology, it’s easy to let the advertising benefits of exterior signage drift from your mind. But as a start-up business, you can’t afford to overlook a dimension of marketing that is integral to your growth and success. You’ve got so many things you’re already worrying about that it may seem ridiculous to add one more thing to the pile, but trust us when we say that signage is a lot more than just words on a wall.

Why Signage Matters for start-ups

As you’re starting out, one of the biggest concerns you’ll be battling is how to get people talking about your brand. Establishing a brand is a lot like laying your claim on an industry and saying, “we’re the experts here, you should come to us!” How on earth is something like signage going to help with that, you ask?

The fact is that exterior and interior signage has a bigger part to play in your business than just advertising. During the signage creation process, we help you solidify the purpose and value of your company and turn that into something that tells your unique message to your customers – almost in the blink of an eye. Signs are a taste of your business; they give a hint into what your customers will experience when they work with you, and what you’ve experienced as you’ve built your company. Signage can tell your story, and stories are memorable. This is why we work with you to convey your start-up’s unique story, purpose and selling point – all through personalised signage.

Stay ‘top of the mind’ of your target market

It’s not hard for anyone to think of an advertising jingle or two they remember from the radio. Jingles are such good advertising tactics because they’re basically impossible to forget, and this is what we aim to do for you – just visually.

Being a start-up is essentially being in a competition with other businesses for the memory-space of your consumers. You want to make sure that when your area of business comes up whether that’s cupcakes, plumbing, or any other industry for that matter the first thought on the customers mind is of your business. This is called being “top of mind”, and that should be your primary goal in advertising.

Good signage is like a weapon in your armoury tailormade for this purpose, and it’s time to wield it.

It’s a Sign…

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