Top 5 Lasting Benefits of Installing Digital Displays

October 30th, 2019
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Your digital signage could be the deciding factor for a customer to choose you over your competitors. Digital displays can be an exciting addition to any interior, even before you’ve considered the many lasting benefits of such an investment. The truth is, digital displays are great for your bottom line as well as your site’s appearance! Below, we’ve listed the top five lasting benefits of installing digital displays.

1. Capture your customers’ attention

Digital displays are bright, dynamic, and memorable. When you communicate with your customers through digital screens, whether that’s through outdoor displays like digital billboards or interior displays, your customers are more likely to notice. Digital screens are more effective at communicating your message, assisting your customers, and keeping them in your location for longer, boosting the odds that they will follow through with purchases. Best of all, digital displays are your best solution to capture your visitors’ imagination.

2. Manage your displays remotely

Physical signage can be particularly challenging if your business operates in more than one location. With physical signage, any changes you wish to make to your messaging will require you to spend time on site, not to mention the physical work needed to update the displays. With digital displays, you can update your messaging remotely using software programs that make it quick and easy. From the comfort of your office, you have the capability to change digital display content across the entire network, which leads us to our next point!

3. Save time making network-wide changes at once

The capacity to update your signage remotely saves your business valuable time! Physical signage needs to be printed, distributed, and installed every time you decide to update your signage. Digital displays, meanwhile, need only to be installed a single time (and installation won’t take much longer than installing physical signage). All subsequent changes to your signs can be done instantaneously, saving you hours of labour and weeks of waiting for printing and courier time.

4. Save money on updates

Not only do digital displays save you time, but they also pay for themselves over time. While digital displays, including installations and operational software, require a higher capital cost compared to physical signage, they are also a one-time investment. You will have everything you need to update them as often as you wish. Physical signage, meanwhile, will be a fresh round of expenses every time you need to make a change, from printing to removal and installation.

5. Improve the experience of your brand

Few marketing strategies radiate more professionalism and prestige than digital signage. Representing your brand with dynamic, digital solutions is a highly effective way to separate you from your competition. Interactive navigation can connect your customers with the products or departments they need to find. Advertise popular items and promote flash sales to drive sales. Above all, express your brand’s message and identity to build a strong relationship between you and your customers.

Reach new heights with the right digital displays

Digital displays will open new doors for your business, but you need to be sure that you team up with the right digital signage company to truly reach your potential. The interior signage experts at Sign Foundry understand how to make the most of your new display solutions, combining high-quality materials and manufacturing technique with knowledgeable insights into placement and installation to ensure peak performance for your investment. Contact Sign Foundry today to arrange your digital display consultation.

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